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You’ve been asking…

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about the who, what, when, where. why and how of this whole blogging process.  I thought I’d put a few of the most frequently asked questions here along with the answers.

What made you decide to start Makeup On Aisle 64?

I’d been looking at a lot of beauty blogs and videos and found very few of them address my demographics.  Rather than complain, I decided to be proactive.  Makeup on Aisle 64 is the result — a beauty, fashion, and life style blog focused on the woman north of 40.

Who took those amazing street scene photos of you?

I was really lucky to get that photographer!  Justin J. Jordan of ArtistDirector Media took those photos.  I told him I needed some professional photos for the blog but wanted them outside.  He asked me a few questions about my vision and went from there.  He was so easy to work with.

What camera did you use to shoot your videos?

I used a Logitech c510 webcam to shoot the first five or six videos.  The camera was easy to use and it has a short learning curve, but it’s attached to the top of my computer monitor. That tied me to a small space in my home office.  I recently bought a Canon Rebel T3i and will use it to shoot still and video images.  However, the learning curve on that one is a bit steeper.  It will take me some time to get up to speed.

How did you come up with the In My Bag feature?

In My Bag is a monthly feature where I show what is inside my handbag for that particular point in time.  I got the idea from The Beauty Look Book.  She has the most beautiful handbags.  I always thought it was interesting to see what’s inside another woman’s handbag.  My family used to play this game at showers called Purse Search and it was always hilarious.  Since I was borrowing the idea from The Beauty Look Book, I thought I’d tweak it. (I didn’t want to be too much of a copy cat!)  Every few months, I’m going to feature other women and show you what’s in their handbags.

While Justin from ArtistDirector Media was here for my photo shoot, I got him to help me figure out how to photograph the handbags.  The December In My Bag photos were taken by him.  The rest are all me!

What will you talk about on your blog? Why should I visit?

I will regularly feature several different topics — In My Bag, Makeup, Care, & Tools, New & Loving It, Shop My Faves, Video, and Wishlist.  In My Bag will show what handbag  I or the featured woman is carrying that month and the contents.  Makeup, Care, & Tools will be about makeup, skin care, and the tools that help us look and feel amazing — makeup brushes, flat irons, whatever.  If women use it to stay looking beautiful, I may talk about it. New & Loving It will feature new products I’ve discovered that I really like. I figure if I need to know about it, you do. too.  Shop My Faves gives you the opportunity to see some of my favorite things and if you want to buy them, you can.  Videos will house my latest videos and provides access to Makeup On Aisle 64 TV.  The Wishlist is just that.  Things that I am wishing for.  Some, I may save up my money and buy.  Others will be forever on the list!  I think there is something for every woman on Makeup On Aisle 64.

Any questions?

What questions do you have for me?  Email them to me at or leave them in the comments section below.

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