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I Took the Dollar Tree Makeup Challenge

Makeup on Aisle 64 Dollar Tree Makeup ChallengDollar Tree Makeup Challenge

proved to be a challenge in more ways than one.  I thought the biggest obstacle would be finding suitable products – anti-aging cream, foundation with a good color match, and primers.  I was somewhat right on that aspect but the biggest issue tended to be brushes for product application.  Let’s get into it.

I went to two stores and neither had any anti-aging cream.  What I did find was Dermasil Oil Free Daily Retinol Facial Cream.  It came in a tube like hand lotion and had a strong fragrance.  Not off-putting, just a bit stronger than I was used to.  It smoothed on nicely and served as a foundation primer.  There was none to be had in either store.  No foundation primer.  No eye primer.  I had to make do.

Makeup on Aisle 64 Dollar Tree Makeup Challenge Foundation


The foundation I found was Sassy & Chic Moisturizing Foundation in the color Dark.  The color match worked and the sheer coverage was acceptable.  However, the product itself was very thin, very runny so I had to use a sponge to get an even application.  I took the sponge out of the L.A. Colors pressed powder compact since I was not able to pick up a foundation brush.   The pressed powder helped to set the foundation.

Makeup on Aisle 64 Dollar Tree Makeup Challenge BrowEyebrows

Once I got the foundation on, I wanted to address the eye brows and they proved to be most challenging.  I had no eye brow brush and struggled to find a solution.  I ended up using the L.A. Colors eye/brow pencil in Dark Brown to shape and fill in the brow.  Then, I brushed the brows out with the Elf Small Angled Brush.   Who knew it would work so well to help tame my brows.

Makeup on Aisle 64 Dollar Tree Makeup Challenge Eyeshadow ApplicationEyeshadow

For eye shadow, I picked up the ColorMates eye shadow palette Island Oasis.  This palette had a variety of colors in soft browns, blues, and grays.  But… it came with one of those little spongy duo-tipped applicators that I dislike.   Since I couldn’t find any eye primer, I picked up the Elf Smudge pot in Cruisin’ Chic to use as a primer and high light.

The shadow was not highly pigmented so I had to pat on several applications.  When it came to blending out the colors, I felt the sponge applicator tugged on my eye lids too much.  I found myself longing for my Real Techiniques eye shadow brushes.  Mascara was mascara – a traditional black with traditional wand.  It proved to be long-lasting and water proof.

Makeup on Aisle 64 Dollar Tree Makeup Challenge BlushBlush and Bronzer

Blush and bronzer are always my favorite products to apply so I was looking forward to trying these newbies.   The brushes that came with the L.A. Colors Blush (Peach Rose) and Bronzer (Baked) were terrible.  They were harsh on the skin and I could feel the bristles dropping on my face.  I cast these brushes aside and went to the Sassy & Chic Kabuki Cosmetic Brush.  It wasn’t much better so I resorted to using my fingers for product application.   Neither product was highly pigmented so it took several applications.  Then I used the Kabuki brush to blend, blend, blend.

My cheeks still needed a hint of color so I used the Elf Lip Balm Tint in Grapefruit to add just a little pop.  This worked beautifully but since it was a lip balm, it was a tad bit sticky.  I had to go back to the Kabuki brush to smooth away the stickiness.

Makeup on Aisle 64 Dollar Tree Makeup Challenge Lipstick Application

Lip Stick

Lip color wasn’t a problem.  I used the Colormates  Lipstick and Lip Liner Pencil in Ginger Spice.  It turned out to be a perfect nude for me.  It lasted for several  hours and didn’t dry my lips.  This product was well worth the dollar spent.

I’m always on the lookout for anti-aging products or concealers and I was lucky enough to find Skin Nutritions Age Defy Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector Age Defy Dark Circles & Puffiness Serum.  I applied these prior to putting on the foundation.  The dark spot corrector will take some time so I couldn’t really evaluate it but the Dark Circle and Puffiness Serum felt cool and soothing.

Makeup on Aisle 64 Dollar Tree Makeup Challenge Flawless Look

All in all, I liked the look I achieved with my Dollar Tree products and so did my husband.  His comment?  “Maybe you should shop at Dollar Tree more often.“   He thinks I spend too much on makeup!  You can see how I applied each of the products by visiting Makeup on Aisle 64 TV at

I challenge you to take the Dollar Tree Makeup Challenge.  Hit me up and let me know how you do.

Want to know more about budget friendly foundations?  Check out Color Match Key in Foundation Favorites.  

Have you tried any Dollar Tree cosmetic products lately?

Dollar Tree Makeup Challenge Products Used

Or, maybe you’ve found some inexpensive brands somewhere else.  Tell me about them in the comments section.

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