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Thanksgiving Day

It's Thanksgiving Day - Denise Thanksgiving Day

It’s very early on Thanksgiving Day. My husband snores softly in our bed.   I snuggle close to him thinking of all I have to do today. I lay there, warm and cozy, enjoying this time of peace. The house is quiet. Thirty minutes later I slip out of bed to start my day.  I gather a pile of laundry and tiptoe out of the room. Quietly, I go downstairs to start the wash and check on the turkey. I set it to brine last night and I just want to check on it. It remains as I left it – floating in a bath of salt water, herbs, and spices. I walk around the house making mental notes of all that needs doing before guests arrive.

It’s early on Thanksgiving morning.  My husband is up. He’s rearranging the family room — pushing the sofa back, making space.  Impromptu tables and chairs will be set up to accommodate those guests who want to eat their meal watching football on television. He’ll clean the bathroom and mop the kitchen floor. Then, he’ll wait to see what else I might put on his “honey-do list.” While he waits, he’ll get his paper off the porch and read the news of the day.

It’s Thanksgiving morning. I lift the turkey out of the brine, rinse it, pat it dry, and prepare it for roasting.  When I’m done, my husband puts the roasting pan, now filled with a 15 pound, stuffed turkey, into the oven. I wash the dishes and disinfect the kitchen counter.

It’s noon on Thanksgiving. I get the tablecloths out, run the iron over them, and dress the tables. I count out flatware, set out glasses, and make ice tea and lemonade.  The turkey sits cooling on the counter while I gather serving dishes, serving bowls, and serving forks and spoons. Fresh rolls of tissue are placed in the bathroom and paper hand-towels are put out for guests. A quick walk through my house shows that all is in place.

It’s 3 o’clock on Thanksgiving Day. Two of my sisters arrive to help put the finishing touches on dinner. We greet each other noisily and offer hugs and kisses. I make space for  potato salad in the refrigerator and direct them to put the sweet potatoes in the oven with the macaroni and cheese.  We move quickly but not hurriedly.  We’ve danced this dance many times and we know what to do. One gets the cranberry sauce out of the fridge and spoons it into a bowl. Another arranges vegetables and side dishes on the counter.The doorbell chimes as we work  More greetings. More hugs. More food.

It is 4 o’clock on Thanksgiving Day. We gather in a circle, hold hands, and say a prayer of thanks. We ask God’s blessing upon the food and upon us. We give thanks for all we have and all that we are. We recognize those that are no longer with us or, for various reasons, could not join us. We shed a tear, share a laugh, then grab a plate.

Happy Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving Quotes

It is Thanksgiving Day.  My house is overflowing with family, with laughter, with love.  I am joyful.  It is Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving from Makeup on Aisle 64.

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November Favorite Tyra Eyes in a Stick

November Favorite _Tyra Eyes in a StickNovember Favorite

Tyra Eyes in a Stick

I’ve got two products I want to tell you about. One I love and one I can’t wait to use up. Let’s start with my November Favorite.

Tyra Banks’ Eyes in a Stick – Blold is my November favorite.  It’s amazing. I was digging through my makeup collection looking for something new to try and I spotted it. I bought it a while ago when I saw a promotion of Tyra Banks’ new product line on HSN.  I got the 4 Minute Tyover in deep. November Favorite_Tyra 4 minute Tyover It came in the mail and got swallowed up in my makeup collection. When I got the new makeup itch, I decided to shop in my stash. I found Eyes in a Stick and decided to give it a try which meant I’d need to wear it every day for at least two weeks.

Loved it!

The first thing I noticed was the color.  It wasn’t black. It wasn’t brown.  It seemed to be a combination of black and gold. It was gorgeous.

November Favorite_Denise in Tyra eyes in a Stick

I used it as an eye liner the first week. It went on smoothly and the color was complementary to whatever look I chose for the day. I lined my eyes with it. I smudged it. I made it bold. I made it subtle. Whatever I did, it worked. Then I decided to use it as a shadow.  November Favorite_Denise in Tyra eyes in a StickAfter applying a thick line of color I smudged it with my fingers. Then, I took a brush and spread the color up and out. I got a beautiful smokey eye.  Daytime or night time, I could get a look that worked.

Tyra’s Eyes in a Stick is a definite hit. Would I repurchase?  Absolutely!


November Favorite_Ulta Flawless PrimerHated it!

Ulta Beauty’s Professional Flawless Prime is my miss.  I picked it up during a promotion Ulta was running. Since I’m trying not to be so much of a brand snob, I thought I’d give it a try.  And, since I was out of my regular primer, I was going to have to use it every day.

I was a bit startled when I squeezed the tube and a mint-green cream oozed out. Hmmm. Green cancels out the redness. Okay. I was willing to try it. And, since I’d used up my other primer, I didn’t have much choice. Right away, I noticed a difference.  The Ulta Professional Flawless Prime just didn’t seem to go on as well. When I applied my foundation, I really had to work at getting it to smooth out. I figured I’d get used to it but I didn’t. I just don’t care for it. Will I repurchase? No! When this is gone, I’m going back to what I love best – Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Poreless Primer.

Your November favorite?

There you have it – my hit and my miss for the month of November.  What’s your November favorite? What are your hits or misses? Tell me about it in the Comments section. And, if you enjoyed this post, I would really appreciate it if you would subscribe.  Like me on Facebook.  Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest and check me out on YouTube at Makeup on Aisle 64.

Planner Decorating Tips

Erin Condron

Need Planner Decorating Tips?

If you’re new to the planning community, all the planner decorating talk can be overwhelming. Do I decorate? How do I decorate? What do I need to decorate my planner? These are questions that the newbie planner struggles with. Let’s take them one at a time and then I’ll provide my Top 10 Planner Decorating Tips..

To decorate or not to decorate?

This is a question only you can answer. Decorating is not necessary but it certainly adds interest. I enjoy decorating my planner. It keeps me engaged with the planner and I check it regularly. How much time I spend decorating depends on how much time I have to spend. It varies. Why do I decorate? I used to be a scrapbooking queen. Decorating my planner allows me to scratch my scrapbooking itch. If you don’t have a scrapbooking itch, don’t scratch it. Or, if you want to decorate but just want simple, minimalistic layouts, that’s okay too.

How do I Decorate?

Once you’ve made the decision to decorate your planner, I recommend that you watch a few Plan with Me videos on YouTube. Watch at least three different planner channels. This allows you to see different decorating styles and you can get a feel for what you like and don’t like. Be sure to include Plan with Me at Makeup on Aisle 64 as part of your watch list. You can see how my style has evolved and I give some great planner decorating tips.

What Do I Need?

Don’t run out and buy everything you saw on the Plan with Me videos.  You’ll end up buying things you don’t need, don’t use, or discover you don’t like.   Here’s a basic supply list.

Planner Decorating Tips at Makeup on Aisle 64 - Pilot G2 in BlackPens and Pencils

  • Pilot G-2 pens in black for writing in planner. The ink dries quickly and it doesn’t bleed through or show on the other side of the paper.
  • Sharpie colored pen set, fine or medium point (optional). You’ll use these for writing or decorating.
  • You can choose regular pencils or mechanical pencils.  I prefer mechanical pencils because these are always sharp.  Planner Decorating Tips at Makeup on Aisle 64 - Sharpied Colored Pen Set


  • Glue sticks. The Elmer Craft Bond glue stick or the Mini-Collage Glue Stick from Ranger work well.  These allow you to reposition elements if you do so in a short period of time.
  • Zag glue pen. A glue pen is good to have if you need to adhere something “tricky”  or catch a corner or an edge.
  • Adhesive rollers are optional but can prove useful.

Corrector tape or fluidPlanner Decorating Tips at Makeup on Aisle 64 - Bic Wite Out

  • I’ve got Bic Wite Out but any corrector tape should work.

Planner Decorating Tips at Makeup on Aisle 64 - CutterbeeScissors

  • Small pair for precision cutting. I like the Precision Tip Honeybee Scissors by EK Success.
  • A larger pair for cutting papers and other stuff.


Planner Decorating Tips at Makeup on Aisle 64 - Tweezor beeCraft tweezers

  • I like the Tweezerbee by EK Success. These are very sharp and very useful in positioning embellishments.


Function Stickers

  • Function stickers are a must. Use these to help you mark your calendar for anything you want to remember.
  • To Do.   Noted.  Call.   Appointment.  Date Night.  Movie.  Game Night. Meeting.
  • The Happy Planner collection offers some great functional stickers. These fit nicely in many styles of planners.  Or, go on Etsy.  Lots of Etsy shops sell stickers sized for many of the more popular planners.

Decorative Stickers 

  • Even decorative stickers can serve a function. Get some for events or activities that you have frequently.  I use cupcakes to mark birthdays.  Wedding cake stickers mark weddings and Doc McStuffin stickers mark doctor appointments.
  • Don’t buy too many stickers at once. Buy one or two themed sets and practice with them.  Create two or three layouts trying different techniques.  See what you like and how you like it.  Once you get a feel for what you like, buy more stickers.

Planner Decorating Tips at Makeup on Aisle 64 -Washi TpeWashi tapes

  • Washi tape is a matter of preference. Start out with one or two rolls in colors that you love or that match your themed sticker set.
  • I’ve been decorating my planner for about a year and I still don’t use a lot of washi.
  • A small ruler, old credit card, hotel key card — any kind of straight edge will do. These work well to cut washi tape.

Sticky Notes

  • Many planners use sticky notes for a variety of functions in their planners. I suggest buying a small set to see if this is something you might enjoy using.

Planner Supply Bag Planner Decorating Tips at Makep on Aisle 64 -Sonia Kashuk Art of Beauty Face Print Cosmetic Bag

  • You’ll need something to store your planner supplies in. You can start with a small box or you can purchase a bag.  The important thing is to keep your supplies together and out of reach of “little hands.”
  • Cosmetic bags work great for storing planner decorating supplies. I bought a Sonia Kashuk Weekender.  It holds my planner, my tools, and my decorating supplies.  It cost about $30 but you can find similar items for less.

Favorite planner decorating supplies. Best planner decorating tips.

These are all the things you really need to start decorating in your planner. If you’re a planning minimalist, you’ll need less. If you’re not sure, start with these things and expand as your planning style evolves. Just remember there is no right or wrong way to do it. What’s right is what works for you.

What do I use?

In 2015, I fell in love with the Erin Condren Life Planner.  The layouts you see are from that one.  2016 will see me enjoying two new calendars — the Inkwell Press Watercolor Hexagon and the Get to Work Book.  I know.  I’ve got a problem!  But — I plan to decorate in my Watercolor Hexagon.  I’m using the Get to Work Book strictly for organizing projects.  No decorating will be involved.

Plan With Me at Makeup on Aisle 64 - Amy Tangerine as My Muse

Muse: Amy Tangerine

31 Days of Planning at Makeup on Aisle 64

Muse: Listers Gotta List Kits

Your planner plans for 2016?

What planner are you purchasing to help you get organized in 2016? Tell me about it in the comments section.  And, if you enjoyed this post, I would really appreciate it if you would subscribe.  Like me on Facebook.  Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest and check me out on YouTube at Makeup on Aisle 64.

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