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Get Glowing But Wear Sunscreen!

Makeup on Aisle 64 Get Glowing But Wear Sunscreen BFR Cheek and LuminizerGet Glowing

Wear Sunscreen

I’m trying two new products today!  I figured I’d better start using some of this stuff I’ve been stockpiling.

I got the BFR (Beauty For Real) Get Glowing Get Lit in my July Wantables subscription box and it’s absolutely marvelous.  It’s like three things in one – a cheek color, an illuminator, and a mirror!  The cheek color I got is In The Pink and the luminizer is Get Lit.  Both worked well on me and I got lots of complements on my look.  The In the Pink is a nice rose color that will look great on almost any complexion.  It’s a cream product, so I applied it with my fingers and blended with a brush.  The great thing about it being a cream is that it doesn’t settle into the fine lines that I am beginning to develop.  (Geesh!)

The luminzer provided a nice highlight.  Nothing super special, but nice.  For me, the best thing were that the two products came in one compact, there was a mirror, and they wore very well.  I put them on in the morning and by early evening, I still looked fresh.  Could a girl ask for more?

Makeup on Aisle 64 Get Glowing  Woman Considering Her SkinSunscreen is not something that I typically have cared much about, but I have been more conscientious as of late.  As I age, I feel the effects of the sun more.  Besides, the sun takes a toll on the skin regardless of skin color.  It may not be as readily apparent, but the ravages of time and elements tend to catch up so I was really glad to pick up The Supernatural in a haul from Hautelook.

This peach tinted product provides a broad spectrum sun screen while minimizing pores and softening the appearance of wrinkles.  It does have a silicone based formula, so if you’re trying to avoid silicone, you’ll want to give this one a pass.  Personally, I liked it.  I applied this over my usual moisturizer and under my foundation.  It didn’t feel too heavy, I didn’t sweat like a pig from the additional layer, and I got an overall flawless look.  I recommend you give it a try.  You can find it online or at Ulta Beauty. Makeup on Aisle 64 Get Glowing  But Wear Sunscreen The Supernatural

So that’s it for now from Makeup on Aisle 64.

Get glowing but wear sunscreen!

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